Eat Right To Lose Weight

This is interesting –

The Diet of Yesterday:

  1. Roots and Fruits
  2. Greens and Beans
  3. Seeds and Weeds
  4. Wild Game and Fish

The Diet of Today:

  1. Meats and Sweets
  2. Pies and Fries
  3. Chips and Dips
  4. Cakes and Shakes

My how times have changed. Todays foods have sweetners, sugar, refined sugars, white flour, hydrogenated oils and fats, preservatives, additives,Nitrates, Nitrites, propylene glycol, monosodium glutamate, artificial flavors and colors. A little bit scary isn’t it?

Foods that are important: Whole grains, whole wheat, yogurts,organic dairy products, beans, fruits, vegetables, and organic meats and poultry.

We keep talking about eating healthy and exercise to lose weight for your best weight management.

In addition, our Jen Fe Weight Loss Patch, combined with good eating habits and exercise will rev up your internal fat burner –

For the serious bodybuilding types – check this out –


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