#1 Reason Why Diets Fail

Dale & Angela Engagement Party in the BahamasThe #1 reason diets fail is that most diets target the wrong symptom (weight gain). With most diets what happens is you lose the weight temporarily only to gain it back. Is it lack of desire or motivation – NO! Often neurotransmitters are missing in the brain causing an imbalance and your body tries to replace them with something else – food. Usually we don’t eat the right  foods in order to restore neurotransmitters balance to where we don’t end up overeating.

Usually, people go on a diet and end up not staying on their diet for various reasons which I chalk up to our busy lifestyles.

That is why meal plan diets don’t work for most people (Sometimes they do work but are inconvenient to our life schedules). We have been preaching here that the 3rd thing you need to lose weight is a supplement –

  1. Proper levels of exercise – this is different from person to person because of where your at in physical fitness.
  2. Proper Nutrition – This is the one thing that EVERYONE can participate in from the beginning of your weight loss program.
  3. A supplement that fits your busy lifestyle.

Best of Luck in Your Own Quest for Health and Wellness…..

Warmest Regards,

Dale &Angela Anstrom

Fit 4 Life Partners

We do have the right weight loss aide that fits any active lifestyle – Just click here –http://www.theAteamsite.com

and if your a serious bodybuilder – check this out – http://danstromi.burnthefat.hop.clickbank.net/


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