Is Drinking Making You Fat?

ourpicture.jpgCould it be alcohol is the root cause of your weight gain? Did you know that a couple of drinks a day and just a little more on the weekends can add up to 2000 calories per week to your diet?

It takes a lot of gym time to burn 2000 calories. Try abstaining for a 3 to 4 week period …. especially if you are already a workout nut. I’ll bet you see an immediate impact.

I’m not advocating giving up your social life … 2 to 3 drinks per week won’t hurt. The key is moderation…..whether your dealing with your food intake or your beverage intake. I’ll even go one step further and bet that you sleep better during this time. A good night’s sleep will also aid your weight loss journey.

Partners in Your Weight Loss Success,

Dale & Angela Anstrom

To eat better try this –

For you serious body buffs –


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