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Emotional Eater?

May 4, 2007

ourpicture.jpgIf you eat in response to your feelings or emotions, especially when you are not hungry, you are an emotional eater.

Most emotional eaters are not reaching for the carrots or non-fat cheese sticks to satisfy their urges. Typically they are eating sweet or salty types of food that satisfy their emotions on a certain level.

If you develop great eating habits, that is, a smart breakfast, lunch and dinner with snacks at the midpoint of these, you should feel satiated and this alone will help curb your cravings. In addition, a supplement that promotes appetite curbing will do the trick also.

Try our supplement….it does more than curb your appetite ….but curbing cravings is a great start!

Partners in Your Weight Loss Success,

Dale & Angela Anstrom


Weight Loss Patch

May 2, 2007

ourpicture.jpgToday I wanted to talk about the supplement…Jen Fe Power Patch. The Jen Fe Power Patch is an all natural formula of six ingredients blended together to aid your energy, metabolism, suppress appetites, and preserve lean muscle tissue.

So many diet supplements out there “jack you up” so to speak. The Power Patch is different. It slowly introduces the product into your body and works 24/7. This is why Angela and I like the product so much and is the only one we recommend. Famous author, Lucy Beale, “Weight Loss for Dummies”, only promotes one product also. There are 2 reasons she has found in all her years of reviewing products.. the Power Patch is both effective and safe. We have a very special promotion going on right now on our website and we would love it if you are serious, please come visit our site and let us help you begin your weight loss journey.

Best Regards…Partners in Your Weight Loss Success,

Dale & Angela Anstrom

Fitness Buddies

May 1, 2007

I believe it is up to every individual to commit themselves to getting back in to shape. You are the only one that can remove the obstacles and objections in front of you to make it happen.

But….. getting in to shape may be easier with a strong support system. Wouldn’t it be better if you could sharethe hardwork and dedication it takes to get back in to shape with a workout partner? Well….Angela and I are lucky because we have each other. We both share the same fitness goals and objectives and one of us often pushes the other thru our workout.

Bottom Line is – Develop a Support System…Find A Fitness Buddy!!

Have you gone to our website yet to see our latest f.r.e.e promotion?? The spots are filling up fast…so please be quick.

Partners in Your Weight Loss Success,

Dale & Angela Anstromourpicture.jpg

Want A Nice Surprise?

April 30, 2007

ourpicture.jpgToday’s blog will be short and sweet….Angela and I have a nice surprise for you at our website…

Be sure to read from top to bottom.

Partners in Your Weight Loss Success,

Dale & Angela Anstrom

Is Drinking Making You Fat?

April 20, 2007

ourpicture.jpgCould it be alcohol is the root cause of your weight gain? Did you know that a couple of drinks a day and just a little more on the weekends can add up to 2000 calories per week to your diet?

It takes a lot of gym time to burn 2000 calories. Try abstaining for a 3 to 4 week period …. especially if you are already a workout nut. I’ll bet you see an immediate impact.

I’m not advocating giving up your social life … 2 to 3 drinks per week won’t hurt. The key is moderation…..whether your dealing with your food intake or your beverage intake. I’ll even go one step further and bet that you sleep better during this time. A good night’s sleep will also aid your weight loss journey.

Partners in Your Weight Loss Success,

Dale & Angela Anstrom

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How Many Different Diets Are There?

April 20, 2007

ourpicture.jpgHow do you choose a diet plan that works for you? Atkins, Jenny Craig, Fat Flush, Fit4Life, Grapefruit, LA Weight Loss, Low Carb, Mediterranean, Nutri System, Slim Fast, South Beach, Sugar Busters, Super Market Diet, Weight Watchers, Zone, and The New Detox Diet………To some degree they all work – not just because of the plan itself – because of your commitment to lose weight.

Most of these diet methods are trying to accomplish one thing….and that is to get you to eat smarter. You need to re-program your mind to make healthy food decisions whether you are eating in or eating out at a restaraunt.

Keep this in mind …The ATeam Weight Loss Group says there are 3 things you must do to slim down…

  1. Eat healthier
  2. Exercise daily
  3. Use a weight loss product

Angela and I have VERY successfully used our weight loss power patch to reduce down to a maintenance mode.

You can too….visit our website to see how we accomplished our goals.

Partners in Your Weight Loss Success,

Dale & Angela Anstrom

PS: Here are 2 websites we recommend also…..

This site has a meal menu that adjusts your eating habits.

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Isn’t It True?

April 19, 2007

ourpicture.jpgYou know what they say…..staying in shape is a lot easier than getting in shape. It’s so true – getting in shape is not fun – but once you get there….boy does it feel good.

Have you ever had an energy drink because you were tired and needed a boost? Well I have, but I must say, once I got back in to shape….I had my own natural energy flow. Stay commited….I know you get tired and don’t feel like working out….I’ve felt that way many times. You have to push yourself thru it…you’ve get to get to the other side of fitness.

The rewards are waiting for you there….energy, confidence, good looks, fewer medical problems, clear thoughts….I could go on and on. Start today – not tomorrow.

Partners in Your Weight Loss Success,

Dale & Angela Anstrom

#1 Reason Why Diets Fail

April 17, 2007

Dale & Angela Engagement Party in the BahamasThe #1 reason diets fail is that most diets target the wrong symptom (weight gain). With most diets what happens is you lose the weight temporarily only to gain it back. Is it lack of desire or motivation – NO! Often neurotransmitters are missing in the brain causing an imbalance and your body tries to replace them with something else – food. Usually we don’t eat the right  foods in order to restore neurotransmitters balance to where we don’t end up overeating.

Usually, people go on a diet and end up not staying on their diet for various reasons which I chalk up to our busy lifestyles.

That is why meal plan diets don’t work for most people (Sometimes they do work but are inconvenient to our life schedules). We have been preaching here that the 3rd thing you need to lose weight is a supplement –

  1. Proper levels of exercise – this is different from person to person because of where your at in physical fitness.
  2. Proper Nutrition – This is the one thing that EVERYONE can participate in from the beginning of your weight loss program.
  3. A supplement that fits your busy lifestyle.

Best of Luck in Your Own Quest for Health and Wellness…..

Warmest Regards,

Dale &Angela Anstrom

Fit 4 Life Partners

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Ways to Boost Your Metabolism

April 15, 2007

Try these ways to boost your metabolism –

  1. Build Lean Body Mass – Lift Weights
  2. Get Moving – Get at least 30 – 60 minutes of exercise a week.
  3. Eat – it may sound crazy but not eating slows the metabolic rate.
  4. Ditch the Sugar – No explanation required.
  5. Eat Breakfast – It’s proven that people who eat breakfast are skinnier.
  6. Include Hot Foods – If you like Mexican or Thai – you’re in luck – spicy food is proven to boost metabolism.
  7. Don’t forget H2O – Water helps the body flush toxins away.
  8. Drink Green Tea – It is known to stimulate the body more than coffee.
  9. Avoid stress- It’s proven that stress promotes weight gain.
  10. Sleep – people who get 7 to 8 hours of sleep per day are skinnier than those that sleep less.

Losing weight and keeping it off is a commitment to a lifestyle change.

Dale Anstrom


Need Help ??

Eat Right To Lose Weight

April 5, 2007

This is interesting –

The Diet of Yesterday:

  1. Roots and Fruits
  2. Greens and Beans
  3. Seeds and Weeds
  4. Wild Game and Fish

The Diet of Today:

  1. Meats and Sweets
  2. Pies and Fries
  3. Chips and Dips
  4. Cakes and Shakes

My how times have changed. Todays foods have sweetners, sugar, refined sugars, white flour, hydrogenated oils and fats, preservatives, additives,Nitrates, Nitrites, propylene glycol, monosodium glutamate, artificial flavors and colors. A little bit scary isn’t it?

Foods that are important: Whole grains, whole wheat, yogurts,organic dairy products, beans, fruits, vegetables, and organic meats and poultry.

We keep talking about eating healthy and exercise to lose weight for your best weight management.

In addition, our Jen Fe Weight Loss Patch, combined with good eating habits and exercise will rev up your internal fat burner –

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